Discover the Press Days by Bike with Swapfiets!

Discover the Press Days by Bike with Swapfiets!

For our AW19/20 press days we've made it super easy for you to cross the city and visit all of the Antwerp-based PR agencies. After visiting our agency, you can take a Swapfiets and find you way through the city by bike.

You can pick up a bike at our office, take it for a ride, and drop it off at our office again before 17h.

About MMBSY Pressroom

Looking to connect with your target group? Searching for the right media to communicate your message? MMBSY puts lifestyle brands on the map. As a full service PR agency, we help you bring this quest to a successful conclusion.


Online and offline. We target journalists, stylists, TV makers, successful bloggers and opinion leaders.
We leave no stone unturned in proactively drawing attention to your brand.


Lifestyle in the broadest sense: fashion, interior design, garden, multimedia and food.

MMBSY Pressroom
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